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As a subscriber, you get the exclusive opportunity to upgrade your subscription and receive this amazing Safari Lodge during the collection– for only £0.75 extra per issue.

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Receive 8 figurines and 4 books each month, plus 4 great FREE gifts! Issue 1: £2.99, Issue 2 onwards £5.99
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YES, please send me my Welcome Package for JUST £2.99 with FREE postage and packing including:

  • Classic Mickey Mouse Figurine
  • Milo the lion cub
  • Disney Animal World Book 1

Then about every four weeks, I'll receive 4 new issues of Disney Animal World for only £5.99 per issue, postage and packing is FREE. There is no minimum to buy and I may cancel at any time by simply notifying you.

Yes, I'd like to upgrade my subscription to a Premium account. With every 20 issues of my regular collection, I will receive my premium issue. I'll only pay an additional £0.75 per regular issue. I am under no obligation and I may cancel my premium subscription at any time.

As a subscriber I may also receive up to 4 special summer and holiday shipments per year of selected items to complement my collection. I'll receive details and pricing in advance so I can tell you if I don't wish to receive them.

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